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The School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE) has carried out pioneering research in the field of computer science for over 50 years. The school began as a numerical computing center established in 1958 by Beihang University. In 1975, it expanded to offer the first computer software major at the university. In 1978, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering was founded, and in September 2002, it became the School of Computer Science and Engineering. In 2007, the school was ranked by the Ministry of Science and Education as one of the top three computer science schools in China.

The school is proud of its academic staff including 2 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 37 professors, 47 associate professors, 2 Chang Jiang Scholar, 3 professor of Recruitment Program of Global Experts and 4 part-time doctoral supervisors. It has sub-units: Department of Computer Science and Technology, Department of Computer Application Engineering, Department of Information Security, Computer Teaching Experiment Center, Software Engineering Institute(SEI), Advanced Computer Technology Institute(ACT), System Architecture Institute(CAI), Intelligent Information Process Institute(IIPI), Network and Digital Media Institute(NDMI) . Within the school there reside the State key Lab for Software Development Environment, the State key laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems, the key laboratory of National Defense Science and Technology for Trusted Network Computing Technology, the key lab of Beijing Municipality for Advanced Computer Technology, the Engineering Center of Ministry of Education for Advanced Computer Application Technology, the key lab of Beijing Municipality for Network Technology, Sino-German Joint Software Institute(JSI).  

Since its establishment, the school has played a pivotal role in the progress of computer science in China. Over the last two decades alone, it has made significant contributions to the frontiers of computer science research. It was authorized to confer doctoral degrees in Computer Software and Theory, and Computer Application, respectively in 1986 and 1996. In 1998, it was authorized to confer doctoral degrees in Computer Science and Technology, among the first units to introduce the Changjiang Scholar Program by appointing outstanding talents from both home and abroad to professorship. In 2001, the school was approved to be the national key discipline on computer software and theory; in 2002, the key discipline on computer architecture of the Commission of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense, and the key discipline of Beijing municipality on computer application technology. In 2007, the school was approved to the first grade key discipline on computer science and technology; in 2011, the first grade key discipline on Software Engineering; and the Engineering Doctoral Program of electronic and information technology. With its advantages in computer science and engineering, the school has developed many distinctive and predominant research areas in the fields of Computer Science Theory and Foundation, Computer Science & Theory, Trusted Network Computing Software and Environment, High Performance Computing, Embedded system and Fault-Tolerance Technologies, Virtual reality technology and systems, Large Scale complicated information system, Multimedia and Intelligence information processing, Network and information security, Big data science and engineering, Software Engineering Technology and Management. Some new disciplines are further explored..

The school has won more than 100 awards, including one 2nd-class of National Natural Science Awards, 11 National Science and Technology Progress Awards, three 2nd-class National Technology Invention Awards, two Ho Leung HoLee Awards and a number of provincial and ministerial awards. With regard to teaching, the school was recognized by one 1st-class and two 2nd-class National.Teaching Achievement Awards, three 1st-class and two 2nd-class of Provincial and Ministerial Teaching Achievement Awards. Since 2005, the school has accomplished nearly 630 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation, including 6 973 Key Fundamental Research Programs, 14 863 High-tech Programs, 35 key projects of National Natural Science Foundation, 2 Outstanding Youth Fund of the Natural Science Foundation, 4 national key engineering projects and international cooperative projects, with its total research fund of over 800 million RMB. In 2011, the annual research fund to the amount exceeded 200 million RMB. Some of the research findings and technology are awarded patents, some of which have already been commercialized. Furthermore, nearly 1500 papers were published in domestic or international journals. The school is currently undertaking about 130 key projects from kinds of national programs, industries, as well as international cooperative programs. The school has also established long-standing cooperative relationships with universities in USA, Germany, Britain, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and multinational corporations in Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Quantum, AMD, Nokia as well as domestic corporations in Lenovo, Huawei, Digitalchina, Langchang and so on. The school has made every effort to teach students computer science theory and facts, as well as practical skills and professional ethics. Decades of dedication have resulted in an open, collaborative, and innovative atmosphere where students are encouraged to embrace challenging tasks, explore unknown areas, and innovate. Many excellent students have demonstrated their talents at the school. In 2001, the school team won the championship in the .Net Software Development Contest for Asian Students sponsored by Microsoft Company. In 2002, student team won the silver award in E-Gate Open Contest sponsored by Schulmberger Serna Company in France. Dr. Xu Ke's Ph.D thesis "The Phase Transition of SAT and CSP" and Dr. Sun Hailong's thesis "Research on Resource Management Technology and System for Service Grid" were ranked as one of the One Hundred Excellent Theses in the country respectively in 2002 and 2010.In 2004, student team took the first place in the international GSM and Java Smart Card Application Development Contest. In 2008, student team won the golden award in the 5th "Grid Plugtests" Global Grid Algorithm and Program Design Contest. In 2011, in the National Software Design and Development Competition of Software Professional Personnel, two students took the Grand Prize and first prize of the Java software development. Of the 22 "Fengru Cup" Extracurricular Scientific Products Contests held at BUAA, 10 team championships went to the school. The graduates of the school have always enjoyed a good reputation for their excellent overall abilities..

Facing intense competition in an era of ever-changing information technology, SCSE will continue to push the frontiers of computer science and engineering to meet the demands of the national development strategy and contribute to national scientific and technological innovation in the 21st century. By targeting cutting-edge computer science, promoting interdisciplinary scientific research and exploring emerging research areas, the school will continue to provide top intellectual and innovation resources for China and the rest of the world. All faculty and students at the school are motivated to continue the school’s rich half a century heritage and do their best to build a first-class and world-famous school of computer science and engineering.


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