Add pictues from Fallingwater

Added pictures from our short but great trip to Boston

All of my open source projects codebases are now stored on GitHub.

Released a Java library for interacting with's REST based API.

Added pictures from our trip to Gettysburg

Created my first Python module. Uploaded to PyPi. Source code available at GitHub.

Added Hawaiian 2013 vacation pictures.

Rewrote checklinks in Python.

Rewrote this site using Bootstrap. Bootstrap is both easy to learn and implement.

Rewrote both Contacts Exporter and Rename in Python.

Last week I attended Python Fundamentals, at Marakana, it was an outstanding introduction to the Python programming language. I had done some Python studying (1 book and 1 online course) on my own, but Python Fundamentals brought it all together nicely. Simeon Franklin is an excellent instructor. I hope to return for the advanced Python course someday.

Added Phipps Conservatory December 2012 Pictures pictures.

Added Atlantic Cruise 2012 pictures.

Added a Pictures page.

Updated all of the vacation pictures to use the Google Maps Static API instead of the dynamic API. The Google Maps Static API is clean and easy to use, and it produces great images.

Our beautiful new kitty Dora

Added my Cruise Recommendations page.

Two weeks ago, I attended Apache and Tomcat Training at Marakana's San Francisco location. The training was interesting and informative. I would recommend to any developer who uses httpd and Tomcat.

Phipps Conservatory Pictures

Pictures from our Vegas 2011 vacation.

Pictures from our weekend in Seattle.

Added ce (Contacts Exporter) to the lists of available scripts.

I am a techincal reviewer for the The CERT® Oracle® Secure Coding Standard for Java (SEI Series in Software Engineering) book!